About our Wool dryer Balls...

Our Wool Balls are handmade in Nepal using 100% NZ Wool. We produce as much as 200,000 units of wool dryer balls every month. We mostly manufacture:

- White Wool Dryer Balls

- Natural Gray Wool Dryer Balls

We have a team of hardworking women who are engaged in the manufacturing process of the Wool Dryer Balls. If you are looking forward to importing Wool Dryer Balls, then you have come to the right place. Ask us for a quote and you will find it for yourself. We have a huge client base who have repeated orders with us. Our major importers are from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK & Germany.

With us, you can expect quality and quantity

Size & Color

We manufacture Wool Dryer Balls of any size & color. The most popular size that we do is 50-55g (XL Size) ball with a 9 inch circumference. But then we can manufacture dryer balls according to your size & Dimension (diameter) as per your requirement. The cost will depend on the color, size and at times, the design that you are looking for. We have different color options as well. Besides the Whites and the Natural Grays, we have a range of color options that you can choose from.

Sample Ordering

You can also order a sample pack of Wool Dryer Balls before you go for a bulk order. Please let us know your sample requirement. All the sample orders are shipped using courier service like Aramex, DHL or Fedex.

Packaging & Private Labeling

We do the packaging, both in bulk as well as in individual packets. Packaging is based entirely on your requirement. Whether you want us to help you with the packaging or you would want to do it at your end, is completely on you. Bulk Packaging will be done in carton boxes. It will hold quantities ranging from 350 - 400 units per box. Under Private Labeling, we will do the packaging in cotton drawstring bags with or without your logo printed on it. Most popular packing is a set of 4 & 6, when it comes to packing in cotton bags. Also, depending on your order quantity, we can manufacture boxes for you, boxes that carry 3 dryer balls each. In both the cases, you will have to provide us with the design artwork.

Shipping & Payment

Shipping is done via Air Cargo and Sea Cargo. Small orders are shipped by AIR whereas bulk consignment is shipped by SEA. Orders less than 5000 units are to be shipped by AIR. As per the rule of the government, we will have to obtain an Advance Payment certificate before we export any product from Nepal. We accept wire transfers, against the invoice issued, for all the order payment.

Shipping Options

Shipping Type Cost Range Tentative Transit Time
Courier* High 3-4 days (depends on destination)
Air Cargo Medium 10-12 days
Sea Cargo Low 55-65 days


*Courier service is ideal for sample shipping. It is expensive and the transit time is less compared to all the shipping options.


Buy a Sample Pack- 4

Price: $41

Shipping included to anywhere in the world!


Becky (MD, USA) said,

Their customer service was excellent. I ordered a couple of thousand Wool Balls and they had it ready within 3 days. What was mentioned on their website, they literally proved it all, at least for me.