We manufacture as much as 200,000 Wool Balls every month. And All our Wool Balls are handmade. You can calculate our capacity.

Wool Dryer Balls getting popular in Canada !

You might have seen the wooldryer balls in commercials or at a brick or mortar store nearby, specially the shops selling eco friendly products. Wool Dryer Balls are indeed getting very popular in Canada. People are understanding that these natural dryer balls are the best alternatives to their regular laundry softners and dryer sheets. And yes they could extremely be awesome to replace the PVC dryer Balls that emits harmful gases when used. The toxic chemicals and the the sorrounding that we live in. Can it just be possible to get rid of few chemicals that we've been using everyday and that too for doing the laundries? The answer is a simple YES which makes a great difference and which will change your way of life.

If you didn't realize that your kids and your lovely family members are exposed to harmful chemical detergents and dryer sheets that can be replaced with Earth Friendly products, then its high time you understand the importance of replacing your regular dryer sheets and now.

Wool Dryer Balls are getting popular in Canada and Canadian companies these days. When we are talking about companies, we are talking about those who are more or less involved in the eco products sourcing and selling business. They have been aggresively getting into the Wool Dryer Balls business. Its equally important to talk about the positive attitude of the consumers towards these eco friendly products. Consumers are slowly but steadily understanding the quick need of replacing their day to day household product that's just full of chemicals.

Canada is a booming business hub for the local business as well as the importers like us who are aiming to reach the American market for the exo friendly products. We have found very good response. Potential importers are always there who are in a standby mode to import eco friendly products like Wool Dryer Balls. Its our experience that tells us that we love Canadian people for their support and their belief on our Wool Dryer Balls. We will continue to shower our love to them by offering more of these Wool Dryer Balls in the days to come.

We welcome all the interested businesses/companies or individuals willing to import these fantastic Wool Dryer Balls to Canada. We assure you we can be your reliable partner. We want to prove it to you. If not now then when?

Cheers !


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Becky (MD, USA) said,

Their customer service was excellent. I ordered a couple of thousand Wool Balls and they had it ready within 3 days. What was mentioned on their website, they literally proved it all, at least for me.